Saturday, February 15, 2014

Starting up the blog again!

Keith's Blog:
I realize that these are just my opinions (and boy do I have a lot of strong ones!), and who the heck am I to be spewing them, but this gives me an outlet to vent my frustrations without shoving them down everyone's throat through social media. I hope that those who feel differently than me will at least read this beginning statement, then decide whether or not they find my stuff interesting enough to follow. Please note that I am not asking anyone to agree with me. I know that we can disagree and still respect one another. I would never ask anyone to simply agree with me no matter what. I hope that you might find my words thought provoking and interesting. No other person in the world has the exact same life experiences that I have, so I don't expect anyone to have identical viewpoints. Any and all comments are welcome and if I have inadvertently misstated a fact, please correct me. I try to fact check things before I comment on them, but I certainly make mistakes.

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